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Frequently Asked Question

What are the topics covered?

The topics covered are Wireless Communication, RF Technology, Computing & Machine Intelligence, and Industrial Electronics.

Where can I submit my paper?

Please go to to submit your paper.


What should be the length of my paper?

It is typically between 4 to 6 pages in this format. Beyond this, we will charge for extra pages.


Can I join as an observer or a non-presenting participants?

Sure! Please go to to register. Be sure to select 0 as the number of presented papers in Step 2.


How can I register for the event?

Please go to to register.


How do I view the conference schedule?

Please go here to view it. It is updated periodically leading to the conference, so do check regularly.


Where can I print my invoice and acceptance letter?

Please go to to register. Both should be available after you complete Step 3 in the system.


When can I get my receipt?

The receipts will be given out during event registration for physical presenters. For virtual presenters, the receipts will be given out post-conference.


When can I get my presentation certificate?

The certificates will typically be given out after your presentation session ends. For virtual presenters, the certificates will be given out post-conference.


I would like to change my registration package. How do I do that?

You can undo previous steps during registration by clicking on 'Undo', provided that you have not made payment yet.


Can I get the receipt earlier?

Yes, you can request it from our Finance Chair.


Help! I cannot log in to the registration system.

Please use your presenter ID, which is given when you registered. If you forgot this, please click "Forgot Presenter ID" when logging into the registration system.



What is the cancellation policy for the conference?

In unforeseen circumstances such as nationwide lockdown due to the recent COVID-19 pandemic, we reserve the right to convert the conference to an entirely virtual mode.


Do I need to present my paper in person?

It depends. If you select the physical attendance package, either you or your co-authors must present the paper in person. However, if you opt for virtual mode, you only need to make a recording, post it on YouTube (please make it publicly accessible), and submit the link in the registration system.


Once I have registered and paid for my paper, can I get a refund if I choose to withdraw?

All payments made are final. Therefore, there will be no refunds for participants who choose to withdraw their papers.


If I have registered and paid for a physical presentation and decide to convert to virtual, can I get a refund of the balance?

We can change your package to Virtual mode with no refunds of the balance.


If I have registered and paid for a Virtual presentation and decide to convert to Face to Face, can I do that?

Sorry, we can't do that due to complications with hotel arrangements and additional costs that will be incurred.

For any further enquiries, please contact us at:

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