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ISWTA 2023 History

ISWTA2023 was successfully held on 15th August 2023 at the prestigious Maya Hotel Kuala Lumpur. The conference, organized by by the IEEE Malaysia Industrial Electronics /Industrial Applications (IE/IA) Joint Chapter, brought together experts, researchers, and students from around the world to discuss the latest developments in wireless technology and its applications.


The highlight of the event was the presence of three distinguished keynote speakers. The symposium featured three keynote speakers who presented their research on various topics. The speakers were:


1. Prof. Kamel Haddadi from the University of Lille, France with a presentation titled 'Techniques and Instrumentation for Electronic Life Sensing in the Modern Society’.

2. Prof. Waleed Ejaz from Lakehead University, Canada with a presentation titled 'Enabling Technologies for Internet of Things in 6G Networks'.

3. Dr. Mohd. Adli Bin Md. Ali from International Islamic University Malaysia, Malaysia with a presentation titled 'From Tiny AI to Lite AI for Edge Computing'.


In total, 36 papers were presented and published, covering a wide range of topics such as microwaves technologies,5G networks, wireless sensors, and emerging wireless technologies. The participants' nationality was diverse, with attendees from Indonesia, India, Bangladesh, United Arab Emirates, France, Canada, United Kingdom, the Philippines, Turkiye, Libya, Iraq, and Malaysia. This diverse representation added to the richness of the conference, providing opportunities for networking and international collaborations.


The conference also recognized and awarded two outstanding papers. The first winner was Utkarsh Tiwari and Satyanarayana Vollala for their paper titled 'Improving the Verification Step of Wesolowski’s Verifiable Delay Function using Efficient Double Modular Exponentiation'. The second winner was Mehak Basharat, Muhammad Naeem, and Alagan Anpalagan for their paper titled 'Latency and Cost Minimization for Task Offloading with Energy Harvesting in UAV-MEC Network'.


The success of ISWTA2023 can also be seen in the publication time of the presented papers. It took only 39 days from the day of the event for the papers to be published on IEEE Xplore, showcasing the efficiency of the organizing committee.

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